COVID-19 Crisis

The impact on businesses and the KAIZEN™ approach to manage and overcome

Market Analysis

Evolution of the Pandemic and the KAIZEN™ Strategy

The crisis brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak has taken the world by surprise and has caused disruption to health care systems and economies 

In this report, we have gathered sets of data and analyses to summarize the situation of the fight against the infection and present a perspective of phases and deadlines that aim to allow companies to react quickly and deliberately, in order to emerge from the crisis stronger.


The new paradigms and how the businesses can adapt


Keep the business running from home: tools and best practices


The challenges of managing remote teams


The impact of crises on supply chains

Case Study

Daily KAIZEN™ Routines in Decentralised Teams

Case Study

Retail Replenishment Flow

Case Study

Flow Creation in Injection and Assembly Operations


From Denial to Reimagination


Survival in the Post-Covid: Rebuild, Reimagine, Reinvent


Pandemic Evolution and Improvement Strategy


Post Covid-19 Start Up: from Plan to Practice


2 minutes of Information

Still not getting the most out of your virtual team meetings? Here are our top 6 tips for efficient virtual meetings!

The drive-thru COVID-19 screening stations have proven to be a success in increasing screening capacity. See how the first drive-thru in South Korea was set up in accordance with KAIZEN™ principles.

Spikes in demand, as a result of a natural disaster, health or economic crisis, can cause total supply chain disruptions. Are companies ready to deal with these events?

Find out more about the impacts of COVID-19 crisis on the global economy, and the KAIZEN™ strategy to overcome them.

How can businesses speed up decision making through crisis management? Learn more about the KAIZEN™ strategy to recover.


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