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Productivity increase in spare parts warehouse 

The Challenge

low warehouse optimisation


• Low productivity amongst warehouse teams

• Suboptimal occupation of storage slots

• Unshipped lines or picking errors

• No vacancies to absorb new storage SKUs

Root Causes

• Poor visual management to support material flow

• Storage slots not adjusted to specific needs of parts

• Poor planning of team activities

The Solution



• Sorting of parts on arrival according to size and storage area: small parts on mobile shelves; medium parts on trolleys; large parts on pallets

• Cross docking for parts to be shipped on the next working day

• Mizusumashi route to move storage trolleys, shelves and pallets to their future storage area/aisle

• Customized storage slots for each part: this allowed for high density of parts in warehouse

• Planning and balancing of workload through Daily KAIZEN™ and levelling box

The Results

The project had a payback period of 3 months with annual savings of $207,000.

Warehouse space

Warehouse space

Amount of warehouse space required reduced by 30%



Warehouse team productivity increased by 8%

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