Benchmarks & Client Cases

Agile Model

The Challenge



• Failure to meet the customers’ Service Level Agreement (SLA)

• High dependency on third parties

• Quantity of stocks not adjustable - late deliveries and stockouts were common

Root Causes

• Team hierarchy not focused on the best interests of the customer

• Low team maturity

• Lack of autonomy

• Team leaders and teams were not aligned with the continuous improvement process – “firefighting”

The Solution


• Teams aligned with customers’ needs

• Customer centricity

• New Value Stream: based on customer type

• Teams focused on their performance, improvement and autonomy

• Adjustment of stock levels to customers’ demand

The Results

The project resulted in an increase in sales of $1.8 thousand/year and an annual profit benefits of $508 thousand.


Lead Time from purchase order to customer delivery

Delivery Lead Time decreased by 49%


Deliverable time rate

Deliverable time rate increased by 8%  


Proposal hit rate

Proposal hit rate increased by 8%

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