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Efficiency in Process Industry

The Challenge

Impact measurement by utility
Impact measurement by utility 


• Average water consumption of 19.4 m³ per ton produced

• Average electricity consumption of 518 kWh per ton produced

• Average of 1,6 non-quality incidents per day

Root Causes

• Excessive water use in certain circuits and lack of monitoring mechanisms

• Gradual increase of NaOH cost by 23%

• Lack of knowledge about the application of sub-products within internal processes

• Stoppages caused by incorrect sensor readings that leads to overconsumption upon restarting

The Solution

System for monitoring process data

Visual data for deviation analysis

• Optimization of the use of recovered water and reduction of clogging

• Creation of a control chart with real-time data for process monitoring

• Planned shutdowns for preventative maintenance, with a focus on emission control and energy consumption

• Modification of maintenance stock management system and storage conditions

• Implementation of a tool to control processed solids, steam management and concentrator washing

The Results

The project generated Annual Savings of $7 million.

Electricity Consumption

Electricity consumption reduced by 8%.

Non-quality incidents

Non-quality incidents eliminated.

Water consumption

Water consumption reduced by 19%.

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