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Energy Efficiency
in the Food Industry

The Challenge

Electricity and Natural Gas consumption 
Electricity and Natural Gas consumption


• Average water consumption of 0,12 m³ per ton produced

• Average electricity consumption of 40,7 kWh per ton produced

• Average gas consumption of 335,6 kWh per ton produced

Root Causes

• Limited visibility of detailed information related to the consumption of steam, electricity and raw materials

• Lack of detailed information to enable the launch of effective countermeasures to correct deviations in equipment consumption

The Solution

Condenser Recovery
Condenser Recovery
Daily countermeasure routine
Daily countermeasure routine

Continuous in-line measurement of electricity, steam and raw material consumption. These measurements will serve as the basis for the costing model and parameterization of products in the system

Visibility of detailed consumption data in a visual format. This data is analyzed as part of a daily routine which includes the definition of countermeasures

Condenser recovery through maintenance and replacement of equipment and components

The Results

The project generated annual savings of $267,000 per year.

Electricity Consumption

Electricity Consumption

Electricity consumption reduced by 6%.

Natural Gas Consumption

Natural Gas Consumption

Natural gas consumption reduced by 8%.

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