Benchmarks & Client Cases

Logistics Optimization
in Food Retail 

The Challenge




• Low productivity amongst warehouse teams: unloading, storing and picking

• Inefficient shelf replenishment with high warehouse return rate

• High frequency of shelf stockouts

• Replenishment during opening times that affects customer experience

Root Causes

• Excessive handling of materials, from truck unloading to shelving

• Lack of coherence between organization of materials and store layout

• Lack of visual management for warehouse management

• Stockout resolution in firefighting mode

The Solution


izusumashi for delivering goods to be replenished

• Sorting of goods to store and to replenish after truck unloading: elimination of unnecessary material handling. Customized containers to optimize shelf replenishment

• Replenishment only outside opening times, using equipment with greater capacity. Visibility of real online sales allows extra replenishment planning

• Mizusumashi to concentrate non-value-added tasks and pace operations

• Quick solution for stockouts: Easy access stock area, close to store front and replenished according to consumption

• Storage of goods according to frequency of consumption and store layout

The Results

Client satisfaction increased by 7%, market share increased by 2.2% and the amount of stock held on-site decreased by 12%.



Sales volume increased by 15% as a result of a reduced number of shelf stockouts



Replenishment team productivity increased by 25%



Number of on-shelf stockouts reduced by 21%

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