Benchmarks & Client Cases

Flow Creation in Injection and Assembly Operations

The Challenge



• Difficulty in responding to fluctuations in demand

• Assembly lines with low productivity

• High inventory levels of components and pre-assemblies

Root Causes

• Assembly lines with functional layout and workstations with unlevelled workloads

• Failure to supply components to the lines and uncontrolled stocks

• Long changeover times between references

The Solution

Digital Daily KAIZEN™

• U-line layout: balanced work loads between stations, allows for mutual assistance and speeds up logistics and quality control by bringing the product in and out closer together

• Supermarkets for component stock management according to consumption and Border of Line with frontal supply

• Mizusumashi: standardised route for component supply

The Results

The project generated a gain of $1.5m/year in productivity as well as a stock reduction of $2.3m.

Ordens de Serviço Pendentes

Productivity (Units/Operator/Day)

Productivity improved by 38%

Auditorias aos prestadores

Occupied area

Occupied area decreased by 52%

Auditorias aos prestadores

Stock value

Stock value reduced by 12.7%

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