KAIZEN™ Change Model KCM101.1 Foundations - Introduction to KAIZEN™

KAIZEN™ for TEAM LEADERS. This training course covers the main principles of Continuous Improvement. The course starts with an introduction to KAIZEN™ Lean then discusses relevant topics such as resistance to change, KAIZEN™ principles, visual management, and KAIZEN™ Change Model. Finally, several real KAIZEN™ case studies are presented. The training activities are conducted in the classroom and also in the Gemba so the trainees get the chance to acquire practical experience.

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04. - 05. Mar. 2019

Vancouver, BC, Canada


Our Training Goals

Understand the principles of Continuous
Improvement. Identify value added and non-value added activities. Recognize the power of Visual Management. Basic understanding of
the 4 pillars of KAIZEN™ Change Model. Appreciate the importance of leadership in a
Continuous Improvement culture.

What you learn

Put KAIZEN™ in practice. Apply the 5 Principles of CI in your organization. Examine the root causes of the 7 types of waste. Apply Visual Management in your workplace. Manage KAIZEN™ Lean Transformation. Designate leadership behaviours that should be improved.

KAIZEN™ Change Model KCM101.1 Foundations - Introduction to KAIZEN™

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