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The KAIZEN™ Logistics and Supply Chain course teaches attendees to optimise logistical operations. The goal is to develop the skills needed to design and implement solutions to improve logistical processes. This will contribute to the increase of profitability in storage and transportation processes.


KAIZEN™ Yellow Belt Certification is a 4 day program that will provide participants with the basic Lean training needed to begin building a Continuous Improvement culture. The program covers an Introduction to Lean and Continuous Improvement, Lean Culture and provides instruction on how to use Lean tools such as PDCA, The Seven Wastes for offices and plants, Standard Work, 5S, Fish bones and 5W's, and Business Process Mapping. The session finishes up with sessions on how to practically apply the techniques to your workplace. Take advantage of special early bird pricing, if booked more than 30 days before program date price is $1995.00. If booked within 30 days of program start price is $2,495.00.


The goal of the seminar is to get acquainted with the KAIZEN™ Management System. Participants learn to set the decisive course for a successful change process using diagnostics, strategy development and implementation planning. They learn about methods and actions to successfully implement and further develop, Lean and change processes throughout the company.


KAIZEN™ for TEAM LEADERS. This training course covers the main principles of Continuous Improvement. The course starts with an introduction to KAIZEN™ Lean then discusses relevant topics such as resistance to change, KAIZEN™ principles, visual management, and KAIZEN™ Change Model. Finally, several real KAIZEN™ case studies are presented. The training activities are conducted in the classroom and also in the Gemba so the trainees get the chance to acquire practical experience.

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