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The KAIZEN™ Healthcare training program teaches continuous improvement practices in the Healthcare sector. Its main goal is to prepare attendees to implement Improvement Projects through the design and enforcement of improvement solutions in the different areas of healthcare units.


The KAIZEN™ Services training program addresses the continuous improvement of service departments. Its main goal is to increase the focus on the client and on what represents true added value. This program allows attendees to understand the application and implementation of continuous improvement, as well as its potential benefits.


KAIZEN™ for TEAM LEADERS. Prerequisites KCM101.2. This course is a continuation of Daily KAIZEN™ 1. The focus is on work standardization, training within industry, autonomous quality, Kata process and coaching methods. The course uses case studies to help trainees in recognizing benefits and challenges in practical situations.


The KAIZEN™ Team Leaders training program addresses continuous improvement from a team management perspective. Its main goal is to understand that real Improvement is made up of daily improvements in a bottom-up format, rather than by isolated projects. This dynamic helps to consolidate other projects implemented in the organisation.

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