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01. - 01. Jan. 1970

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It means knowing how to optimize logistics operations, helping to increase the profitability of warehousing and transportation processes


The purpose of the training is to provide participants with the theoretical and practical knowledge of statistical tools for analysis and decision making with the Black Belt Six Sigma Methodology, which is valid to apply to the certification process. This is a 5 full days training program. If the course timing does not work for you, please email us at azaky@kaizen.com Take advantage of special early bird pricing. Cost of the program is 13,000 AED if booked more than 30 days before the program. If booked within 30 days cost is 12,000 AED. The course rate is excluding the 5% UAE Value-Added Tax (VAT) charge. For registration and other inquiries, please email us at azaky@kaizen.com


Celem seminarium KAIZEN™ Coach jest przygotowanie koordynatorów KAIZEN™ do pełnienia ich obowiązków. Uczą się jak wdrażać zmiany, jak prowadzić szkolenia dla pracowników własnej firmy, jak być dobrym liderem. W trakcie szkolenia przeprowadzane są ćwiczenia w zespołach oraz indywidualne prezentacje, po których grupa udziela informacji zwrotnej o kierunku udoskonaleń.


This course is designed to showcase operational efficiency and productivity tools in a manufacturing environment. The goal of Lean manufacturing is to increase Value adding, whist reducing operational costs and Lead Times.

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