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01. - 01. Jan. 1970

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He/she can perform in any company; Manufacturing or sevice companies as leaders of improvements teams, those trusted in the constant search of areas of opportunity for the improvement of quality and optimization of processes in products or services. This results in a competitive advantage over other suppliers and generally economic benefits are obtained by reducing operating costs; which directly affects a lower price to the client and better dividends to the partners. The participant works in a scheme that allows him to immediately apply the knowledge acquired in his company. Because the projects that will be managed in the immediate future should be oriented to positively impact the strategic indicators of the business, this, definitely related to active participation, to a greater or lesser extent of all the members of the organization.


Trening ESS je baziran na japanskom Teian sistemu. Cilj treninga jeste upoznavanje sa sistemom sugestija zaposlenih i objašnjenje kako na najbolji način implementirati ovaj sistem. Kroz trening se objašnjava koje vrste predloga postoje, kako ocenjivati i nagrađivati predloge zaposlenih na osnovu primera iz dobre prakse.


Tha KAIZEN™ Manager is able to lead the implementation of KAIZEN™ as well as designing problem analysis plans relating the objectives of the company and the environment characteristics. He/she will be able to measure the impact of these improvements in the organization.


It's knowing the importance of continuous improvement in a real environment. Participants are familiar with Kaizen's main concepts and principles.

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