TWI: Job Instruction (JI)

The Job Instruction program was the first to be introduced during World War II in order to address the urgent need to secure a well-trained workforce. Supervisors were trained in the 4-step method for instructing their workers. Developing the teaching skills of supervisors results in reduced defects, prevention of accidents, reduced time needed for training new workers, and improved productivity.

Job Instruction enables the development of standardized work based on best practices. Job Instruction teaches supervisors how to break down the job effectively and provide training for the individual job elements. The structured approach to training stabilizes processes and improves performance.

In Job Instruction, the 4-step process takes the following form:

  1. Prepare the learner
  2. Present the operation
  3. Try out performance
  4. Follow up

Job Instruction training participants (the future JI trainers) are taught how to set the stage for instruction, demonstrate the task effectively, observe and provide coaching to the trainee and follow up to make sure the learning takes place.


"The effectiveness of JI training was seen immediately in a critical set-up operation. Training was reduced by 67% with operator proficiency achieved in only one day. The best training method I've seen in twenty years in manufacturing."

- Scott Curtis, Plant Manager, Albany International


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