Imai-san visits KAIZEN Institute Clients in Seattle

During a recent stop in the USA, Chairman and Founder of the KAIZEN Institute, Masaaki Imai paid a visit to several Seattle area companies in a series of public and private presentations along with Gemba walks.  Throughout this series of events, Imai-san shared the following insights:

  • The key to long-term success is to make improvements every day, no matter how small
  • Leaders must go to the gemba (actual workplace) to find facts and show respect for their people
  • Effective metrics must gauge degree of flow, synchronization and leveling across the enterprise
  • Kaizen efforts must lead to Lean, and Lean must lead to "green" - delivering wider ecological and social benefits

Article by Masaaki Imai Speech Audience Member

Group Health Research Institute senior communications manager Joan DeClaire writes about what she learned from meeting Masaaki Imai in the DailyKaizen blog:

"Wearing gray pinstripes and a dignified smile, Mr. Imai set out to describe several high-level precepts of Lean thinking.  He didn’t say a thing about visual trackers or the size of A-3 paper stock. There was not a white board or yellow sticky pad in sight. But there was something quite familiar to me about his presentation."

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